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Mrs. Judy Araujo, M.Ed., CAGS


Mrs. Judy Araujo, M.Ed., CAGS

A few weeks ago I came across Judy Araujo’s comprehensive reading website for parents and teachers that I would like to share the Roads to Reading Literacy Initiative’s audience. If you do decide to visit Mrs. Araujo’s website, please give yourself plenty of time to peruse the site, because it is very intense and there is a lot of great literacy resources, downloadable worksheets and information to learn about.

Mrs. Judy Araujo- is a Reading Specialist, she teaches in the greater Boston area for the City of Waltham in Massachusetts.

Here are a few professional endeavors of Mrs. Araujo’s 1)  She plans and provides 1:1 or small group reading instruction to students who are below the reading benchmark in grades 1-5 2) Administers formal standardized 1:1 testing to determine potential reading disabilities. 3) Write formal reports based on the standardized testing to present at IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings. 3) At IEP meetings, help determine eligibility for special education. 4) Meets weekly with the Teacher Support Team to discuss various students with reading concerns and suggest strategies. 5) She has created and maintained a comprehensive reading website for parents and teachers. 6) Provides informal testing per teacher requests. 7) Administers MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) to those needing 1:1 or small groups. 8) Finally, Ms. Araujo provides assistance to teachers in reading/language arts. (Taken from LinkedIn)

Thank you, Mrs. Araujo for a great learning resource.

Please share your thoughts with us Judy Araujo’s website:

Lauren Green

Roads to Reading Program Director