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Fibblestax by Devin Scillian

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I L-O-V-E this book! This is one of my favorite children’s books. I can’t say enough about Fibblesax and Devin Scillian. I contacted Mr. Scillian in December 2014 and he agreed to provide the Roads to Reading with an audio recording of him reading Fibblestax.


The Roads to Reading is providing a free copy of the book that can be added to your organizations library collection. This offer is valid until March 30, 2015 or as long as the supply of books last. The books will be made available to organizations that are registered and qualify under our donation guidelines. I guarantee that all will enjoy the book with soft, intricately detailed illustrations to accompany the musical text; this book will surely become a special favorite for children of all ages.

Below is a written excerpt from Fibblestax. You can also the audio version of the book read by Devin Scilian. If you would like to learn more about the author, please click on this link: http://www.devinscillian.com


“I dreamed again of Fibblestax, sitting among his books, Peering into the candlelight with a calm, thoughtful look. For he’s the one who gives a name to every single thing. If not for him we couldn’t talk. Or read, or write, or sing…””So begins the delightful fable of Fibblestax, and how he came to be the one who names everything. He has to battle the tricky, red-faced Carr, a man who “gives terrible names to wonderful things.” The mayor of their town gives them five things to name, and the final one, “that very strange feeling, a dreamy kind of cheer/the feeling that makes you feel so good when a special friend is near” stumps Carr. But, Fibblestax knows that feeling…


Audio Stories

Rolly Polly Rice Balls
The story is about the consequences resulting from the choices two neighbors makes with regards to sharing.  Japanese tale has a moral and humor side to it. It is an interactive story. I use it to get children involve in storytelling. My biggest fans are children who have behavior problems. It is like a opening up a magical door to learning.


Big Fat Hairy Toe
Most children love to be told scary stories. “Big Fat Hairy Toe” is a favorite of elementary school age children. It is about Hermit, a person who chooses to live far away people, picking berries in the woods and finds a big fat hairy toe.



Brenda Ray’s Bio 

Brenda is having fun. She has always loved stories. Especially, stories that are funny and teaches life lessons. Most of her adult career she focused on science and adult education. To keep her motivated she kept her hands and heart in art and crafts and storytelling. Brenda now teaches art, puppetry, and storytelling to children. She is a member of SAG. Brenda enjoys all aspects of the entertainment field. Brenda studied, cartooning, Puppeteering and writing for stage and screenplays. She co-wrote one children’s book, three screenplays and one novel. She is in the process of producing a children’s show on Character Strength Building.


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