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  1. Reading foundation skills begin at birth, when a baby becomes attuned to his or her native language. Even newborns are soothed by the rhythmic sounds of soothing lullabies or nursery rhymes—in essence baby’s first stories. At around 4 months old, babies show interest in books, exploring them with their mouths or by using them like toys (e.g., throwing them). This is good! Invest in sturdy board books, cloth books, and bath books to allow your child to integrate “reading” with playing. Between 6-12 months, babies will be more interested in story listening. Typically, a baby this age can attend to a single book for up to a minute, for some, possibly two. Changing focus and switching books is the name of the game at this age! Make book-time play time, and continuously “invite” your child to explore the pages for a few minutes a day, if possible.

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